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St John Ambulance Ambattur is charitable organization, st john ambulance Chennai Tamilnadu, first aid training centre Chennai , first aid training, first aid course, cpr training, cpr, course, first aid certificate, Health and Safety, Safety and Health, Safety inspection, Occupational Safety, Occupational Safety and Health dedicated To helping people in sickness, distress, suffering or danger. St John Ambulance is India’s leading provider of first aid training, first aid services at public events and Supplier of first aid kits and equipment. St John Ambulance provides a range of Community services and youth development programs.

First Aid Course Objectives

This Course remind employees that they can make a difference it shows employees How to recognize the types of injuries that occur most frequently in workplace Situations….As well as the basic First Aid techniques that can be useful in these Situations.

First Aid & Emergency:

First Aid is the temporary help given to an injured or a sick person before professional medical treatment can be provided. This timely assistance, comprising of simple medical techniques, is most critical to the victims and is, often, life saving. Any, layperson can be trained to administer first aid, which can be carried out using minimal equipments. Basic training in first aid skills should be taught in school, in work places and, in general, be learnt by all, as it is mandatory to our modern and stressful life. Relevant Tags:

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Benefits of First Aid Training

Employees Become More Aware of Injury-Causing Situations St. John Ambulance first aid training increases employee awareness of injury causing situations anytime, anywhere. Since everybody can encounter injuries On-and off-the-job, St. John Ambulance recommends that you train the entire Organization, including all employees working in high-risk areas, executives, Managers and office staff.

Your Company Will Benefit with Every Person Trained in First Aid

• First aid training makes employees more safety conscious and reduces the Incidence of injuries at work.
• First Aid training can provide protection, security and prompt treatment in case Of injury.
• Immediate first aid can save lives, reduces and prompt treatment in case of Injury.
• An improved safety record and the employer’s demonstration of concern for Safety enhances morale and increases productivity.

First Aid Courses for the Workplace

A normal day can become an emergency in just seconds. St.John. Workplace First Aid Course teaches practical skills about how to manage a range of medical and Accident emergencies. The course provides an excellent assessment standard that ensures employees feel confident about providing first aid when needed and that they are qualified to do so. Completing this course means there are fully qualified workplace First Aiders at the workplace, which is good for employees, good for customers and good for the community

What you will learn

The course will give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with a first aid Emergency in the workplace.

First aid Certificate

Provisional certificate will be issued on completion of training within a week

First aid Course Structure

Information in this course is divided into a number of sections, which are presented In a specific order.
• Principle and practice of First Aid
• Structure and function of the human body
• Dressing & Bandages
• Respiration & Asphyxia
• Wounds & Bleeding
• Shock
• Injuries to Bones
• Injuries to muscles and joints
• Nervous system and unconsciousness
• Burns & Scalds
• Poisoning
• Miscellaneous condition
• Blood donation
• Handling & Transport of injured persons
• Contents of First Aid Box
• CPR – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
• ABC & Recovery position

St john ambulance Chennai Tamilnadu

First aid training centre Chennai , first aid training, first aid course, cpr training, cpr, course, first aid certificate, Health and Safety, Safety and Health, Safety inspection, Occupational Safety, Occupational Safety and Health

Who should attend?

Anybody wanting a thorough knowledge of First Aid On completion of training, successful candidates should be able to:
* understand the role of the first-aider, including reference to: the importance of preventing cross- infection;
* the need for recording incidents and actions;
* use of available equipment;
* assess the situation and circumstances in order to act safely, promptly and effectively in an emergency;
* administer first aid to a casualty who is unconscious ;
* administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
* administer first aid to a casualty who is choking;
* administer first aid to a casualty who is wounded and bleeding;
* administer first aid to a casualty who is suffering from shock;
* provide appropriate first aid for minor injuries.

Choose the right training for your workplace:

All St John Ambulance courses are highly practical. It’s an employer’s duty to ensure that employees attending training are able to complete all aspects of the course.

Choose the right First aid training for your Workplace:

Once you have identified your working first aid needs, following the HSE guidance on risk profiling, you need to choose the right training for your employees. These are two off the peg first aid qualification to choose between:
First Aid Training. Your Working risk profile: identifying your first aid needs:
As Part of the new regulation employers should consider a greater number of factors when assessing their workplace to identify first aid needs than is advised under the previous guidance to the regulations.
The nature of the work and hazards and /or risk
The number of people employed at the site.
The number of inexperienced workers.
Employees with disabilities or particular health problems.
Employees with the characteristics of group at higher risk from health condition.
Previous accidents or records of health.
Recurring injuries or illnesses.
Employees, who travel a lot, work remotely or alone.
Employees shift patterns or out of our work.
The layout of the workplace.
The proximity of the workplace to emergency Services.
First aider absences and provision of cover.

The above Courses are held at our First aid training centers but can also be held at your Premises if you have a group that requires Training. First aid Training at your premises allows us to tailor our training to your needs. Email: info@ or Call 8056079747.

Course Schedules

Courses run on various dates throughout 2014, or can be tailored for your business and delivered when and where you want.

How to Book

Booking is simple and for more information
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